Chlorine Chemistry Council Presents The Chlorine Tree

The Chlorine Tree: An educational multimedia project of the Chlorine Chemistry Council and its member companies

The Chlorine Tree ( is a highly interactive, user-directed, web-based education and advocacy tool that demonstrates chlorine chemistry’s enormous range of beneficial uses and value to society. Photographs, videos, animation, sound and text combine to educate users on how, from basic salt, chlorine and caustic soda end products make modern life possible.

Visitors to the site explore eight beneficial use categories – nutrition, shelter, health and well-being, transportation, safety and security, communication, lifestyle and innovation and industry – to discover how their lives are enhanced through chlorine chemistry. Users are just a click away from learning the details of individual products, watching a narrated video, or printing out a “take away” summary of chlorine chemistry’s role in a particular beneficial use category. Visitors can also explore seven chlorine tree branches and four caustic soda tree branches that reveal how chemicals react to form intermediate compounds and end-use products.

Because it is largely an industrial commodity, chlorine is usually invisible to the public. In fact, many consumer and industrial products do not contain chlorine, but still rely on chlorine chemistry in order to be made.