The chlor-alkali industry in Canada, along with our partners around the globe, have developed a number of resources for our stakeholders.

Disinfection Posters

Chlorine bleach is an effective disinfectant that can help prevent the spread of many common pathogens. Posters that explain how to properly disinfect surfaces prone to or directly exposed to pathogens including norovirus and hepatitis A, as well as how to disinfect surfaces where germs thrive, such as in daycares and kitchens, are available to download for free.

Pool Chemical Safety

Pool chemicals are essential to keeping swimming safe and enjoyable. The Pool Chemical Safety video, intended for commercial pool managers and backyard pool owners, provides important tips on the safe handling and storage of pool chemicals.

To help avoid the potential accidental release of chlorine gas at aquatic facilities, the chemical feed system should be electrically interlocked with the pool water circulation pump. View the Pool Interlock Safety video to understand the details of electrical interlock protections and best management practices for pool staff to help keep swimmers safe from unintended chlorine gas exposure.

World Chlorine Council’s Sustainability Report

The World Chlorine Council’s Sustainability Report, “Sustainable Progress,” provides information on the chlor-alkali industry’s progress toward sustainability.

The Chlorine Institute’s Website

The Chlorine Institute is a technical trade association that supports the chlor-alkali industry in advancing safe, secure, environmentally compatible, and sustainable production and distribution of chlorine and chlorine-based chemicals. Visit The Chlorine Institute‘s website and online resources.

Water Quality & Health Council Perspectives Article Series

The Water Quality & Health Council is an independent, multidisciplinary group comprised of scientific experts, health professionals, and consumer advocates that promotes science-based practices and policies to enhance water quality and health by advising industry, health professionals, policy makers, and the public. Read the Water Quality & Health Council Perspectives, a weekly post on current public health issues.

Chlorination and Health

Chlorine chemistry is essential to public health. The germ-busting properties of chlorine disinfectants help provide safe drinking water and sanitation, clean swimming pools, and safe food production. Read more

Calendar of Events


April 7-8

World Chlorine Council Spring Management Meeting, Houston, TX

May 6-8

Ontario’s Water Conference & Trade Show, Ottawa, ON

May 26-31

Canadian Water Summit, Collingwood, ON

June 3-4

Canadian Water and Wastewater Association, Window on Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

September 8-11

CIPHI National Conference, Halifax, NS

September 30 - October 1

CIPHI Alberta Educational Workshop, Calgary, AB

October 8-10

World Chlorine Council Annual Meeting, Tokyo, Japan

November 3-6

Canadian National Water and Wastewater Conference, Banff, AB

December 2-5

Canadian Pool & Spa Expo, Niagara Falls, ON