Canadian Chemicals Management Plan

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) required the Departments of Health and Environment in Canada to assess all of the approximately 23,000 chemical substances listed on the national inventory, the Domestic Substances List (DSL). The majority of these substances were identified as being in commerce between 1984 and 1986. Substances added to the inventory through the New Substance Notification regulations (NSN) were not required to be assessed again.

The Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) was announced by the Government of Canada in December 2006. As part of that process, the risk assessment of 193 High Priority Substances make up part of The Challenge program to industry and other stakeholders. These substances were grouped into 12 “batches” for risk assessment, to be completed over a five-year timeline, to be followed by management where appropriate. Included in several of these batches are a number of chlorinated substances.

The next phase of the CMP was announced October 3, 2011. The Government of Canada renewed its commitment to Canada’s world-leading Chemicals Management Plan. The announcement provided funding for the next phase of the CMP. Approximately 1,000 additional substances will be addressed in the next five years, including through the Grouping Initiative to assess and manage, where appropriate, the potential health and ecological risks associated with nine groups of substances.

More information on the Chemicals Management Plan, the Industry Challenge and the Grouping Initiative can be found on the government web site at