C4 Members Committed to Safety and Security

Members of the Canadian Chlorine Chemistry Council (C4) are committed to continuously improving safety performance in chlorine production, distribution and use and enhancing the security of their operations to protect human health and the environment. Members share information regarding chlorine incidents in order to reduce the frequency and severity of such incidents.

C4 members who are also members of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC, formerly the Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association) – or the American Chemistry Council (ACC) through their parent company – are required as part of their commitment to Responsible Care® to assess vulnerability considerations regarding potential terrorist acts.

General considerations for facilities that produce, use or distribute chlorine are the following: a written security plan for the site; full implementation of the security plan; on-going two-way communications with employees to increase awareness and follow-up on unusual developments; and the utilization of security consultants or law enforcement agencies to strengthen security.

The chlorine industry is equally committed to the safe and secure transport of its products. The safest mode of transportation for chlorine and other hazardous materials is by rail. Enhancing chlorine transportation safety and security is a shared responsibility between shippers, railroads and governments and includes a comprehensive review of all the factors involved, such as rail tank car design, train operations, human factors, routing and track conditions.

® Responsible Care is a certification mark of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada.